War Remnants Museum

“I knew this would be hard but I didn’t realize how hard…”

       When project #1 finished in Hanoi, it was important for me to make it down south to Ho Chi Minh City to visit the War Remnants Museum. As you all know, I was working in a village with victims of “Agent Orange,”  both children and veterans. I checked into my hostel, got a taxi, bought my ticket, walked up the steps and here I was, amongst many other people from all over the world, about to witness a different perspective and the results of a nasty war. To still see the local people smile after all they have been through is incredible.


**WARNING** Photo’s below are graphic!

I walked inside the first room and immediately felt the chills go up and down my spine. A group of us walked slowly in unison, jaws to the floor as we read articles and witness some of the most graphic photographs I have ever seen! I went from room to room, floor to floor and eventually started to feel light-headed and would sit down, amongst many others who were pale as ghosts. Soon, I would pick myself back up, take a deep breath and  walk into another room. 


       Each floor seemed to be more graphic and more emotional. In front of me was a room glowing in orange. I opened the door and the room was as cold as a refrigerator which didn’t make it any easier. No one made a sound.  I was holding my breath, holding back the tears and before I knew it, men to my left and woman to my right, the tears and sniffling broke the silence…IMG_5041

What was used…




Leaves you speechless…