An unexpected accident…


During my last few days in Vietnam, I was riding a bicycle and while making a left, I was hit by a motorbike (she was texting). I hit the floor and was in shock, picking up my bike as she zoomed away. A couple days later, I woke up and couldn’t move my back. I was really swollen and in an extreme amount of pain. I got on the internet and by a miracle found an amazing (Western-style/modern hospital) only 30 minutes away from my hostel. I called and the receptionist said they were booked and I explained that it was an emergency and I needed an appointment. I had a flight out the following evening to Cambodia! She said if I paid double, I could see the head of orthopedics. DONE! I took a taxi to the hospital and just making it down the stairs (I was on the 4th floor) was excruciating. I waited for about an hour and soon the doctor saw me. He said that I was very lucky and he doesn’t think anything is broken but recommended an MRI.

I explained that I didn’t have much time and if there was any way to do it this afternoon or tomorrow morning ( my flight was at 7pm the next day). It was a miracle. They said they could get me in at 1:00. I got a prescription for pain pills and muscle relaxers, took the taxi back to my hostel and slept. The next morning I packed my bags and headed to the hospital for my first MRI. Not going to lie, foreign country, alone and at a hospital waiting for my MRI, I was scared and nervous, wishing I had someone to hold my hand. I knew it wouldn’t hurt but I am really claustrophobic and I was praying I would keep it together.


I put the hospital gown on, my booties, and went to the waiting room to go through a serious of questions. I felt relieved considering everyone spoke English and how clean everything was and surprisingly VERY modern and up-to-date (I’ve heard horror stories of friends experiences in hospitals in Vietnam). And so it began...The room was a freezer and so sterile. I tried to look down as I already started to panic when I saw how small the “tube” was that I would be going in. I was told it would take roughly 45 minutes (wishing I had a sleeping pill)!!! I laid on the table, my head secured in padding and my hands wedged to my side so that I didn’t move. A blanket was placed on top of me and I was strapped in which only made my heart start pounding. I wanted to throw up. Next, I felt the ear plugs and thankfully I brought a eye mask! Once again he told me, “Don’t Move!” Ahhhh!!!!!!

Inside I go. I started to count backwards as that was some of the advice I was given. The noises started and startled me. It sounded like a freak construction site (Ali you were right), zapping, buzzing, clicking, hammering and I tried to let the sounds take me away. I found myself anticipating the next series of sounds as I needed to not think of where I was. I couldn’t even focus on counting!! “599, 598, 597 zap, buzz, bang, crap where was I? 549? Damnit! I tried to visualize, repeat a mantra, think of friends and family. Nothing was working and there was NOTHING I could do about it! A voice whispered, “Just breath…” I kept telling myself I was in a portal filled with light and that I was protected, safe and my angels were all around me and I managed to smile and just as I started to feel calm, my body was being pulled out. I survived! I got dressed, hopped back in a taxi to the hostel and the staff loaded my bags in the car and we headed straight to the airport to catch my flight! What a day!!!!



Life can catch us off guard, things happen that don’t make sense and can be “unfair” and at the time, the purpose unclear. I don’t believe this was bad luck. We go through experiences individually based on what we need to grow, to be stronger and better individuals. I believe we are never given more than we can handle and in the moment I definitely questioned this very thought but in the end I always look back and smile, knowing I made it through the storm. It becomes part of my story, not one that defines me rather one that has made me who I am. It is easy to categorize things as “good” and “bad.” I have learned that experiences are all good and if they aren’t, the good is just around the corner waiting for us. Life is good folks. It’s all how you CHOOSE to perceive the ups and downs. We can’t experiences some of the most beautiful miracles of life unless we are challenged from time to time which makes us appreciate the results that much more. This accident could have been MUCH worse and I am choosing to look at the bright side of it all. I will be okay, I will continue and I will catch that flight and heal up in time for project 2 to begin!!

Can I get an Amen?!?