The Untouchables…

            Ramana’s Garden provides a loving home for 68 kids and a free school for over 120 children. It was founded 18 years ago by Dr. Prabavati Dwabha, an American woman from Colorado Springs, CO.  In addition, it provides the children with nutritious meals, promotes creativity, expression and vocational skills for the children born into the caste of “the untouchables.” Those who are born into this awful, outdated caste believe it is their birth-right and duty to pick up “shit” (on the train tracks) after everyone else and do the jobs that others would never do. They are the ones who are banned from full participation in Indian social life and are physically segregated from the surrounding community. In short, these are the children that will NEVER have a better future. At Ramana’s Garden, this is not the case and the children here are some of the most intelligent, loving and beautiful individuals, inside and out that I’ve ever had the privilege to meet.

**Meet Prabavati, the woman behind it all 🙂


**This video puts a story behind words and much better expresses the essence of how it all started.**

   This is another video that really hits home and I INVITE you to take 7 minutes to watch it. It was made by my new friend, Paco Vega who volunteered hours of his time to create this video. I asked him if I could share it on my blog and he was more than happy to know his video is being shared with others. He truly captured the property and children in a way I couldn’t have and I am excited to share his work with you.

Warning: Powerful!!