Project #1 

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Who: Friends for Asia Organization

What: Victims of Agent Orange

Where: Hanoi, Vietnam

Why: I will work with war veterans and disabled children that are suffering from the effects of Agent Orange; a toxic spray that was spread over the country during the Vietnam War during the 1960’s, that has left a legacy of pain for the local people. This community contains 11 houses with a total of 120 children and 40 veterans with an organic garden that supplies 60% of their fruits and vegetables

Friends for Asia is an organization not connected or supported by any government or religion. We are completely independent. For this reason, a fee is required to participate in our volunteer and intern projects. These fees go to support all areas of our organization, including staff salaries, rent, office expenses, internet advertising, utilities, insurance, the expenses for our vehicles, etc. Considering we are a small volunteer organization, our interests lie in supporting organizations in Asia with offering them competent and hard working volunteers and interns. We keep our fees as low as possible, and have some of the lowest volunteer and intern project fees offered in Vietnam.

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