Every goodbye leads to a new hello!

           Where does the time go? Some days time stands still, and other days it just fly’s by and I reflect in utter confusion. On my last day, I took care of some last minute errands and finished up some laundry before heading out to buy some “Prasad” (a devotional offering to be blessed and shared) for our final “satsang” (spiritual or devotional activity) tonight. I tried to think of some sweets that they don’t always get to eat and I walked into a small shop and saw OREOS!! Perfect! I bought enough for 70 people and then headed back to my place to go through my clothes and belongings, seeing what I could part ways with and give to someone in need. India was quite cold in the mountains so I ended up buying warmer clothes as I only had one pair of pants and a light jacket as most of my locations would be warmer. As much as I LOVED the outfit I had made ($30USD) for the Punjabi wedding I was invited to, I decided the girls would get much more use out of it than I would, especially with their frequent dance performances and couldn’t wait to give it to them tonight.

         During satsang, the girls love to sit in the volunteers lap as we chant, sing and shower them in love. Tonight, Ganga sat with me and I waited until tonight to tell the kids (word got around quick) that it was my last night. After the last song, I passed out the Oreos and I had many extras after making sure everyone got one and I told them to “share” the extras which turned into a pile of kids jumping on top of each other for a last cookie which cracked us all up!

The kids came to me, one by one and gave me a hug and kiss on my cheek and I nearly lost it. The pure innocence and love that children have the capacity to give continues to mesmerize me. I gave with all my heart but they have given me back more that I could ever comprehend. I did my best to connect with each of the kids as it was challenging with all their schedules etc. The children brought out the inner child within me, one that didn’t fear being judged and feeling free to be playful. The pure love that they give, considering the hundreds of people/volunteers they meet each year is incredible. They all embraced me with arms wide open and I will never forget the twinkle in their eyes, and their hearts of gold. 

Goodbyes are an inevitable part of life. The beauty is that every goodbye leads to a brand new hello…


A final picture with some of the most selfless volunteers I’ve ever met.

Next stop…Sri, Lanka for Project #5