“Out of darkness comes light…”

I open my eyes and like a dream, I am in a new land. I arrived in Taiwan at 6am after a 14 1/2 hour flight and it was a miracle that I was able to sleep through most of it. My mind and body clearly needed some rest. I feel the need to share something with you that came up while I was  high up in the clouds, disconnected from technology and the world below, and closer than ever to the heavens and angels…

“Out of darkness comes light…” This quote comes from the ancient Mayan civilization who were known for their study and fascination with astronomy and the universe. They used this quote to create a better understanding of the world and to make sense of the different changes we experience in this life.

This purpose project emerged out of a very dark and painful time for me. The mystery is in how you choose to analyze situations that life throws our way. Why did this happen to me? What did I do wrong to deserve this? What is this trying to tell me? This is bad timing? Why, why, why?? Sound familiar? See, we are all connected and more similar than we think and all go though very similar life experiences disguised a bit differently. Epictetus once said, “It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.” Do you see the glass half full or half empty?  When we experience a “dark” time in our lives, it is difficult to see the light in that moment. We assume it is punishment when it is really a blessing. Just remember, what goes up must come down, yin to the yang, day and night, good and bad, right and wrong. It’s law. I have learned to find gratitude in the dark times. Sound crazy? It’s too easy to be grateful when times are good. The real test is to find a way to see this “dark time” as a blessing in disguise. How many times have you or someone you know said, “Man, if it wasn’t for xyz, (BLANK) wouldn’t have happened or (BLANK) opportunity wouldn’t have been created or (BLANK) wouldn’t have been brought to our attention. Darkness forces us to slow down, to humble ourselves, to develop some sort of trust, faith or belief in “something” greater than yourself, religiously or not and only makes you a stronger individual.

Honestly, had I not been forced literally to the floor in insane amount of pain, unable to walk or go to work, I wouldn’t have opened myself up to asking the questions I did, let alone be open to receiving. Next comes courage. Will you have the courage to really listen, to trust and and have the courage to take action and dive into the unknown?  I believe with  all of my heart that what lies ahead is far greater than anything we leave behind. 

Again, this really stuck a cord with me and is truly a beautiful metaphor. From darkness came a seed of inspiration that grew into this project that has inspired me to spread the light. Cheers to being part of something beautiful!  #Live2Give

PS: Sitting next to this awesome guy Matt who just so happens to be from DENVER heading to Hanoi too!!! Small world eh?!

Phuoc lanh,


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  1. Barbara gruesbeck

    Beautifully stated. Anxiously awaiting more. Enjoy life. The glass is half full!!!

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