The Vietnam Friendship Village

**Note: I was having some serious technical difficulties with my web browser freezing which hindered my ability to post new updates. Thank you for your patience 🙂  It has been very important to me that I really “experience” it all first and take pictures later. My first week was spent absorbing it all (very overwhelming)…

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The Volunteer House

My goal for the next 6 months is to be as open-minded as possible and to go with the flow from project to project. Arriving with no expectations has allowed me to be pleasantly surprised. I had no idea what the house would be like, where it was located, how many volunteers were there, how far…

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Hello Vietnam!

After 21 hours, I arrive in Vietnam!!! It feels like I am dreaming. It still hasn’t registered that the “real” work is about to begin. This “purpose project” seemed like something so far in the future and the amount of work it took to create was beyond anything I have EVER done in my life…

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