Now THIS was a dream come true!!!


While I was fundraising, I added a category and asked for $300 to use over the holidays to deliver food, toys and school supplies to families in poor rural villages. I knew the holidays would be tough for me and I was really looking forward to spreading the love and spirit of Christmas. I made a list of things that would be useful to families and children as many have never left their villages.

A few days before Christmas, I went to a huge local market with Ry, one of the staff from my volunteer hostel. I explained what I wanted to do and he said he would love to help me translate in the market! He also asked if he could join on the delivery! Next, I needed to find a vehicle that was bigger than a tuk tuk for delivery day to be able to carry everything. As I was meandering after dinner on xmas eve, one of the biggest tuk tuk’s I’ve EVER seen passed me and I immediately yelled, “STOP!” The man spoke english and I shared with him my plans of going out to poor villages and that his tuk tuk would be perfect, plus its RED!!! Yessss!! It’s my very own sleigh 🙂

On Christmas Eve, I used YOUR $300 plus some of my OWN $$ and I placed an order for over 200 kilos of rice (bagged in 10 kilo bags) making it easier to carry from home to home. Lastly, I loaded up on soccer balls, plastic badminton sets with birdies, bubbles, notebooks, pencils, pens, erasers, colored pencils, sticker books, oranges and MORE!!!!



I woke up on Christmas morning, excited as a little kid waiting to open his/her presents. The joy came in knowing that I was going to be doing the giving and would see so many smiles throughout the day. I had a quick breakfast and my tuk yuk came at 9am. We headed to town to pick up my rice order (over 200 kilos) and loaded all the goods! I stopped at this little shop and decorated the tuk tuk and found some super appropriate reindeer antlers!! Time to spread the love and Christmas spirit!



IMG_5863               IMG_5864     IMG_5862

Another one of the staff members at my guest house (Mr. Meart) comes from a really poor village (over an hour outside of town) and he said he would meet us near his village and would love to join us with his son to guide us to some of the homes that are in most need of rice (older, injured or sick people that can’t work) as well as the areas with lots of children etc. We started at 9am and didn’t get back until 4pm. We delivered food, toys and school supplies to sooooooo many children and families and their reactions were priceless. I am sure they have never seen such a big tuk yuk which surprised many as we came to town (most walk, ride a bicycle and very few have motorbikes). There was definite confusion as we arrived and having the locals with me really helped. 

**Below is my dream team! From left, Mr. Meart and his son on the far right, Ry and Mr. T the rockstar driver. So much love to these guys!

IMG_5936       SAM_0376

As we meandered on small dirt roads to individual homes, they would help me asses the needs in the particular area. When we stopped, I would start by bringing a big basket of oranges to everyone and then taking a 10 kilo bag of rice, a basket of toys and school supplies to the children. 

                   .SAM_0387      IMG_5902


The kids lit up!!  I literally had to show them how to make bubbles and then as I popped them, they got the hang of it and were laughing and loving it!!! It was so beautiful!

IMG_5939  IMG_5907

The pictures speak for themselves. I was so touched and humbled. Scroll over images for details.

May the blessings YOU allowed me to give to others come back to you all!

In gratitude,