The best gift I’ve ever given!!!

                      “Everyone deserves to have clean water!” 



Christmas Eve, 2014




In August 2014, I had a garage sale and sold most of my belongings. I needed to save whatever I could for my personal expenses during the next 6 months as well as for my recurring bills back home. My belongings now fit in a 5×10 storage unit…Crazy! Anyways, I put $100 in an envelope to do something for myself this Christmas (a little pampering + a nice holiday dinner) considering I am away from home however, I’ve had a change of heart. 

IMG_3494                  IMG_3503


I have chosen to buy one of the bio-sand water filters that I have personally built from the ground up with the help of my fellow volunteers. This filter cost ONLY $80 and will provide clean water for 3-4 families in rural villages! The filter can last up to 10 years (we educate the locals on how to use/maintain them) and they can get up to 80 liters of water per day! I am SO grateful for this opportunity and to install it on Christmas Eve is the best feeling EVER.

Below is the video of the installation 🙂